Bullying Game Over

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Bullying Prevention Posters: Sale Price $59



The "Bullying Game Over" posters make it clear that the game is over. The focus is upon reporting a bullying incident and the prevention of bullying in the future.


You Get: 6 UV protected posters (12x18")


Give students a reality check of their behavior.  This serves as a excellent way to approach the subject.

"Being Bullied"

Give students encouragement.  A SURVIVOR DIALS UP COURAGE!

What Is Bullying?"

Students that are bullied know the pain it causes.  This poster is another reminder to report it.


"Act Like A Bully"

Poster explains that acting like a bully can have long-term problems from their actions.

"Report Bullying"

Poster explains what to record and reminds students to keep e-mail or other evidence.

"See Bullying... be an Upstander"

New lingo to empower students.   Instead of just standing by... they can stand up for those being bullied.
Six to-the-point posters will help you get the message across... 
Bullying Is Game Over!  



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